Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas day

I love Christmas, always have done ! I love the preparation, the planning, the giving and seeing Family. Catching up and just being together. Oh and of course the food!

As usual we had some family come on Christmas eve.  My Brother and his family came, along with one of my Sister's and one of her boys.  This was the start of the eating...

My Brother had to go home that night, so we gave them their pressie early.

My Sister and her Son stayed and we had our Pressies in the morning.

Why is there always one that has to spoil the photo!                       

Hubby and I.

Our Daughter

Our Santa and the tree         
Our other Nephew and girl friend                                          

One of my Christmas Pressies was an envelope with a message from my Hubby

"Guess what, you are now the owner of a new surprise. It's to big to be wrapped and is in the van".
What on earth would you think it was!

I have been wanting a new fork for ages!

To be family, Sister in law, Nephew and Daughter.

Mother in law, Sister inlaw and Brother inlaw.                 

Our Niece and her Father

My Sister and Partner                                                        

My Brother in law doing what he does best!

Extended family to be.

I seemed to have missed the kids out, when taking photos. I think they must have been hiding!

We did have a beautiful shared Christmas dinner/Lunch.  We had Crayfish, Smoked fish, Ham, Chickens, Tongue, Kumera salad, Green salad, Red cabbage salad, Garlic Bread, Potato salad roll, Salad.  Then for desert we had Pavola, Ambrosia, Trifles, Mince pies, Cupcakes, Shortbread.

It's a good job that christmas only comes one day a year!


  1. Angela, What a lovely family and great view from the windows! Just once I would like to wear shorts and a tank top on Christmas! LOL. Even when I lived in California we were never that warm in Dec. Can I come visit next year, the food looked great too. You are so cute and your hubby did just what mine would do when he thumbed his nose, lol.

  2. Angela, you've been too busy stitching and living life to its fullest to post, haven't you?! Found my way to your blog via StitchMAP and Ms. Mischief!! :)