Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas crafts

Before Christmas is such a busy time anyway, but I like to make the pressies I give to family and friends. It is so hard to come up with new idea's, that people will appriecate. So this year I decided on practical gifts.

My Peg bags made from onion sacks

They were quite simply to make, and with using the onion bag water will drain out.  Thanks Nan for the green Bias binding!

I had noticed that aprons have made a big come back this year,so that were  good gifts to make.

To finish the gifts off I thought dish cloths were a good idea! These were made from vinitage cotton candle wicking. I have made some of these for my self and find them a lot better than the old sponge.  They look small, but with use they stretch.

For the two little girls in the family, it had to be dolls. My girls really enjoyed their "Tiny tot dolls" so I had to make somemore.

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  1. Your "Tiny Tots dolls" are adorable. Well done.